Korrex Insulating Bushes DatasheetKorrex Insulating Bushes


When two metals are in contact and moisture collects between their surfaces, electrolytic corrosion occurs owing to ion-exchange, which attacks the material.

This can be avoided by the use of KORREX insulation bushes of superpolyamide, which are recommended for the following combinations of metals:
Brass – Iron
Aluminium – Steel
Iron – Copper
Eloxal – Iron
Iron – Lead
Zinc – Tin

Korrex Insulating Bushes Korrex Insulating Bushes
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When used in conjunction with KORREX caps, they are also a protection against corrosion.

KORREX Insulating bushes can be used in conjunction with:

  • KORREX caps
  • DUBO Retaining Rings

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