Ex-stock Specialist Washers and Dubo Rings

Washers and Dubo rings from Challenge Europe

Ex-stock specialist Washers and Dubo Rings offer many benefits in terms of sealing, security, anti-vibration and mechanical protection. In addition they can normalise friction on torque sensitive applications, provide sound deadening and anti-corrosion by electro-galvanic insulation. Copper grip and brass terminal cup washers on the other hand provide excellent electrical conductivity for connection of power or earth wires.

Plain washers in standard or “mudguard” forms are complemented by screw cup (finishing) washers and crinkle washers which improve aesthetics and add light spring compression to the fastening respectively. Sealing and security roles are addressed by fibre and coil spring types, plus Belleville washers for higher force spring compression.

Where special sealing and anti-vibration functionality is required then the Dubo Ring system is suited to many applications in aerospace, electronics, component assembly, construction and maintenance.

This product is proving to be an increasingly popular method of meeting the dual requirements of sealing and locking, e.g. in preventing leakages from transformer oil reservoirs up to more demanding roles within the power generating industry.


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