Hexalobular Drive Screws

Hexalobular Internal Drive screws are popular for use in the auto, motorcycle and bicycle industries, as well as instrumentation, electronics, computers, brown goods and construction projects.

A wide range of screw types in steel and stainless steel are now available with this type of recess to ISO 10664.

Security or tamper-resistant variants are available with centre pin requiring a special driver – also external Multi-splined bolt heads are available providing many of the benefits associated with the aforementioned internal drive version.

Hexalobular (generically TORX) drive or star screws are a drive recess configuration which sits alongside Pozi, Phillips and Slotted as an option. All these drive recess options, including star/TORX/hexalobular, are available and suitable for Machine Screws, Woodscrews, Self-tapping screws, thread-forming screws (plastic and metal), etc.

Hexalobular drive screws from Challenge Europe
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