Challenge Europe address the application for threaded fasteners

Each manufacturing industry has its own requirements, but all use threaded fasteners – nuts, bolts, screws and washers. Here at Challenge Europe we address these varying applications with experience and technical expertise which can save manufacturers’ time, money and concerns about quality. Industries such as electronics, medical, agricultural, general machinery, instrumentation, marine, and building, all benefit from our careful consideration of the presented specification and supply of quality fasteners.

Each application is different of course as our M.D. Kevin Moorcroft explains: “In many applications the requirement is fairly straightforward and can often be met by a standard item, however it is also quite common to require a higher spec material or different length, different head form, unusual thread length or non-standard finish. That is where we come in to help identify what is needed and to supply at a competitive price. Where something more custom is needed then we can deal with that too; as we can with a range of fastener associated products or, where a threaded system is not suitable, then we can provide a riveting solution”.

Standard products include socket shoulder screws, machine screws, self-drilling screws and hex-headed high tensile bolts. Smaller sizes of many fasteners particularly suit the electronics industry and a range of plastic plugs protect products in transit from ingress of foreign bodies. Korrex plastic nut caps are ideal for outdoor protection.

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Threaded fasteners for the manufacturing industry from Challenge Europe

Our extensive range of threaded fasteners supports our mission to provide standard and bespoke components, along with both technical and supply expertise in sourcing of specialist specifications. Explained Kevin Moorcroft, our M.D., “We aim to help manufacturers specify, source and ensure reliable supply to production facilities. By working as a partner to industries from electronics to agricultural, machines to aerospace, instruments to window frames – we aim to help small, medium and large manufacturers optimise their products and their production processes.”

Standard products include a full range of machine screws, self-drilling, hammer, wood, self-tapping and thread forming screws. High tensile bolts of course feature in many formats, along with construction floor anchors. Socket bolts and various nuts are stocked with many types of washer and sealing washers. The stock lines here at Challenge Europe of course include numerous other industry standard fasteners and ancillary components.

Naturally, where there are standards customers also look for custom specials, and we are capable in this area too, working with thread forms and materials to suit the individual application.

Once specified and sourced customers can take advantage of the many service packages available from stock-holding-and-control to production-system-integration such as Kanban, Lineside Supply or Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI).

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