Specials and Custom fasteners

Specials and Custom fasteners from Challenge (Europe) Ltd

The demand for fasteners – threaded or otherwise – is frequently impossible to meet from standard ranges – at the same time quantities and delivery schedules need to be managed for production scheduling. Here at Challenge Europe we are in a position to handle both since quality has always been a top priority for us, reflected both in the product range of our stock, and in the service we provide. We gained the ISO9001 award for quality in 1997, the company is a member of the Engineering Industries Association and our service ethos enables us to supply systems such as Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Kanban, JIT, and Linefeed.

This is coupled with a specialised manufacture, sub-assembly and packing service, allowing customer products to be supplied in the most efficient format. Combined with the availability of a UK delivery fleet, the service that we offer enables small to medium sized manufacturers to meet the challenges of present-day operations.

It seems that small volume custom special jobs are a problem for bigger manufacturers, where it is not cost-effective for them to program large and expensive automated equipment. This enables our team to optimise performance across customer manufacturing operations with customer standard products from stock including many specialist items.

This capability is ideal for small quantities and extends to partnering arrangements with fabricators and finishers so that we can cover a wide range of items from specialist threaded fasteners to sheet metal or moulded/cast components. Coupled with in-house machining and a global sourcing and supply infrastructure, this in-depth expertise of the manufacturing cycle has been gained from over 30 years in the engineering arena.

Our capability enables us to produce components from alternative materials at short notice and to incorporate them into packaged sub-assemblies. In this way customers gain a complete package of high-quality and low-cost on standard mass-produced items and on small quantity specialist components.

Typically this includes Instrument Carrying Handles, Chrome Handles, Clamp Screws and Stud Rivet Nut Assembly, as well as cut to length studding, vented screws, spacers and general modification work to standard fasteners e.g. shortening to non-standard lengths & cross drilling to take split cotter pins.


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