Dubo Retaining Rings

This product is proving to be an increasingly popular method of meeting the dual requirements of sealing and locking. Applications range from the simplistic use in preventing leakages from transformer oil reservoirs to a more demanding role within the power generating industry, where samples are currently being subjected to Lloyds immersion tests, with encouraging results.

Multiple locking and sealing – because DUBO Retaining Rings:

  • flow into the threads of the bolt and the nut
  • create a particularly effective frictional resistance with the bolt
  • prevent rotation of the retaining ring around the bolt
  • wraparound the flats on the nut and thereby effectively prevent the nut from loosening by filling all free spaces, seal against leakage

Sound-deadening properties and durability – because DUBO Retaining Rings:

  • absorb vibrations arising in any bolt assembly
  • have plastic-flexible characteristics
  • neither deteriorate nor wear, and therefore can always be re-used again and again without loss of the above-mentioned advantages

Insulation and protection of the surface of the material – because DUBO Retaining Rings:

  • are chemically resistant to Alkalis, to solutions of neutral inorganic salts, to oils, fats, petrol, benzine, alcohol, acetone, diluted acids, and sea water
  • prevent electrolytic corrosion between two different metal surfaces
  • prevent fatigue in the bolt material

Dubo Retaining Rings can be used in conjunction with:

  • DUBO toothed collar rings
  • KORREX insulating bushes
  • KORREX protective caps

Patented throughout the world. For hexagon-headed and roundheaded screws.

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Dubo Retaining Rings from Challenge Europe

Dubo Retaining Rings from Challenge Europe

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