Service Packages

Production line restocking of boltsStocking & Delivery:
We fulfil the sourcing and supply chain requirements of the manufacturing cycle.

  • Stock holding and control – we provide a central site for the location and control of stock items.
  • Inventory control – we perform inventory measurement, stock re-ordering, kit and component supply, and support single point invoicing.
  • Site management – we maintain optimum stock quantities.
  • Production system integration – we integrate our supply chain capabilities with your preferred production system, e.g. Kanban, lineside supply and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI).

Quality & Service:
The company’s primary objective is to understand and satisfy the needs of our customers.

To this end, the assurance of quality is a recognised fundamental governing all work conducted within the company. Procedures are clearly defined, properly documented and closely monitored to ensure full integration with the overall company policy and its certification to BS EN ISO 9001:2015.

In utilising these procedures, we can fulfil our mission to:

  • Exceed customer expectation through continuous improvement
  • Prevent rather than cure problems
  • Ensure that cost effective controls are used and regularly reviewed
  • Expand the knowledge and skills of our employees
  • Be pro-active in an ever-changing business environment

  • In house approval
  • ISO 9001 systems
  • Quality products, suppliers
  • Hi-tech applications
  • Sophisticated materials
  • Specialist processes
  • High volumes, low fault tolerances
Manufacturing Partnership:

  • Engineering
  • Product Enhancement
  • Component supply and assembly
  • Stocking and Delivery
  • Costs and Pricing
  • In-house Investment
  • Sourcing/Supply Infrastructure

  • Ex-stock
  • VMI, JIT, Kanban, Linefeed etc.
  • Technical support
  • Trade Counter
  • Fast response capacity
  • Sub-assembly processes
  • Supply administration
  • Sourcing consultancy
  • Customer oriented
  • National and international logistics management


We support manufacturing businesses with world-leading design, development, engineering and manufacturing capabilities. We provide a global sourcing and supply infrastructure, and we do so in compliance with ISO9001 quality standards.

From product design onwards, we can work with you to assess the whole manufacturing cycle, recommend improvements and establish strategies to achieve them. We offer process improvement techniques and optimised logistics systems such as VMI, Kanban and lineside supply which help you improve quality, increase productivity, reduce costs and enhance your bottom line.

Bracket assemblyEngineering:
We support the engineering operation by initiating the supply chain, working from engineering drawings to determine the components/assemblies required we are able to design and commission new component tooling to improve manufacturing efficiency. Thus by controlling existing tooling we are able to audit and maintain an inventory, including a full logistical history for each item. Managing quality control in this way we can take responsibility for the inspection, monitoring and acceptance/rejection of components.

Product Enhancement:
We contribute to on-going product improvement by suggesting and supplying components of alternative materials we can reduce component counts and shortening assembly times.

As concept consultants we advise on optimal design-for-production (DFP) values at the product concept stage.

In specification consultancy – we provide pre-production advice on the handling of components, kits and sub-assemblies.

Fixing and Fitting kitComponent Supply & Assembly:
We tailor processes and assemble supplies for the production line:

  • Negotiating component supply – we locate and agree new supply routes for existing components.
  • Assembly planning/ methodology – we define, construct, document and record sub-assembly processes and methods.
  • Presentation of sub-assemblies – we design kit specifications, component grouping and packaging to meet specific production needs.
  • Physical assembly/packaging – we provide trained staff and specialist equipment for all assembly and packing processes.Packing Fittings and Fixings
  • We operate ISO9001 accredited quality systems to international standards and a corporate vendor approval process.
  • We have on-going programmes of investment in business development, training and system appraisal.
  • We offer a resolute commitment to improved quality, increased productivity, reduced costs and enhanced bottom line performance. In short, the success of your manufacturing business is our partnership commitment.

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