Sealing Washers

Red vulcanised fibre washers are generally used within the plumbing trade where a seal to prevent leakage is required. Vulcanised fibre washers purpose is to absorb the fluid they come in contact with and swell slightly to fill the joint or gap within the pipe of flange.

Nylon washers are much like other washers, serving as small pieces of hardware for various applications. Washers are typically thin, disc-shaped plates with a hole through the middle.

There are various non-standard washers which are available and can be custom made.

Rubber washer is a ring made of rubber used in mechanical devices. It is used to prevent vibration from spreading from one part to another, reducing the noise levels

Standard sizes available.

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Red Fibre Sealing Washers from Challenge Europe

Nylon Flat Sealing Washers from Challenge Europe

Rubber Flat Sealing Washers from Challenge Europe

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