Challenge Europe – ex-stock threaded fasteners for challenging times

Challenge Europe – ex-stock threaded fasteners for challenging times

At Challenge Europe we have always had a belief that “you can’t sell from an empty basket” and so have had a long-term policy of stocking heavily to ensure we are able to support changes in customer demand.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce that we have good stocks of threaded fasteners so that customers can be assured of robust supply. Of course, this is especially important at this time of general lock-down when it may prove difficult to access many existing channels – and will be just as important when the locks come off and urgent demand is felt in the recovery phase.

It is already clear that the medical device and associated equipment industries are stretched producing many times their usual output of beds, ventilators etc. to note only the headline items. Supply of hardware items such as threaded fasteners – screws, bolts, nuts, washers etc. is being supported by specialist expert stocking distributors like our team here at Challenge Europe who invite any company experiencing supply difficulties on these items, to contact us for an urgent service.

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