The dangers of “internet specification” of threaded fasteners

Challenge Europe address the dangers of "Internet specification" of threaded fasteners

With all the benefits of the internet it has become apparent that there are dangers – who of us has not come across the life-critical disease “we have self-diagnosed” online, or the false news/conspiracy theory which can reinforce our worst fears?

At a professional industrial level, Challenge Europe often find design engineers overlook the sophistication of threaded fasteners and fall into the trap of “internet specification” or “specification by CAD system”. A practice which seems to derive from pressure of time coupled with the perception that fasteners are low-end product and that sourcing can be done over the internet, relying on urgent sample supply in case of doubt.

An experienced fastener supplier can provide a wider knowledge at the level of advice in new product development, re-engineering and in problem-solving where difficulties arise. It is increasingly difficult to find this level of expertise outside of specialists such as Challenge Europe.

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