Wire thread inserts for high-strength threads in soft materials

Wire thread inserts from Challenge Europe

Specialist threaded fasteners often need help in forming the best attachment to soft core materials such as aluminium or magnesium alloys. Challenge Europe are pleased to announce their stock, advice and production service operation for a comprehensive range of wire thread inserts, available in both tanged and tangless variants, or screw thread inserts which provide high performance internal threads in castings where light weight of the complete assembly is a major issue.

These inserts provide significantly improved performance over the substrate, enabling bolt tension to be maintained under severe conditions of vibration, thermal stress and corrosive action.

Challenge Europe wire thread inserts represent an extensively proven well accepted technology and are exceptionally effective in aerospace, auto industry, electronics, medical and related industries.

Use of wire thread inserts enables manufacturer assemblers to access the best performance characteristics of a multi-material approach where combinations of metallurgy are required. Standard material is chrome nickel austenitic stainless steel which is compatible with most substrates and is both hard-wearing and corrosion-resistant.

A wide range of other materials and surface finishes are available to ensure optimum performance in a variety of thread forms and identification colours. Contact us to specify your needs.

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